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Our apologies, this site is still under construction. This is version 1.0 and we will be adding to inventory and other sections as we go. We are currently 3-4 business days behind in shipping. Thank You for your patience.
Our apologies, this site is still under construction. This is version 1.0 and we will be adding to inventory and other sections as we go. We are currently 3-4 business days behind in shipping. Thank You for your patience.

Carbon Destroyer XX™

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$16.00 - $180.00
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Carbon Destroyer XX™ Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

Powerful BIG BROTHER to Carbon Destroyer - plus it is GREEN

What it is

Carbon Destroyer XX is the double concentrated BIG BROTHER to the already EXTREMELY tough and powerful Carbon Destroyer.  This is the formula you want to use to remove ither the REALLY hard, heavily crusted carbon coated metal, OR if you need to remove nasty grease like Cosmoline, OR what you might want to use in your Ultra-Sonic cleaners to get a lower per once cost value.  Carbon Destroyer XX™ is an aerospace certified, water-based penetrating solvent that cleans above and below the surface, deep into the microscopic gaps of the substrate.  It is what is called a “micro-emulsion” (a proprietary blend of water & oil) and has true “Carbon Blasting” power.

What it does

Carbon Destroyer XX™ is a formula that is the #1 choice of gunsmiths and armorers for removing carbon both manually and in Ultra-Sonic cleaners.  The formula is low-odor and safe to work with, especially compared to many other carbon removing products on the market.  The standard feedback is that this formula is “BY FAR the BEST FIREARM CLEANER ON THE MARKET.”  It is so powerful that after it destroys the surface carbon, it penetrates and pulls out embedded carbon from what appears to be clean guns, plus it is fast acting and safe to use!

It is fun to watch the carbon literary “melt away” in the ultra-sonic process.  The water/formula mixture can be jet-black in the tank and still clean for an extended amount of time.  Eventually the tank needs to be dumped and refilled, but you will get great mileage out of it.  (Note – Carbon Destroyer™ and Carbon Destroyer XX™ are designed to work best at ambient temperature and will chemically break apart at 140° f, so it is not recommended to use the “heat” setting on the machine).  

It is the DOUBLE STRENGHT - Super-HERO with Carbon Busting POWER + it is GREEN (most GREEN formulas are over-priced and under-perform).

  • Super POWERFUL
  • Super-FAST acting
  • Super SAFE


Why you should have Carbon Destroyer XX™

Carbon Destroyer XX™ has “shock & awe” power.  Shooters tell us all the time that this is the “best carbon cleaning formula they have ever seen and the perfect teammate to Accuracy Oil™ and our other formulas.”  If it were safe to use, gasoline would be the best cleaner for carbon – Carbon Destroyer™ cleans “like gasoline but is safe to use.  Although it will even blast through contaminants such as Cosmoline like Spartacus going through a Roman legion, it is water-based (not a high VOC solvent), gentle, people and Earth safe, and it does not even have a bad smell.  This proprietary formula was originally designed to replace dangerous high VOC solvents to remove the heavy baked on carbon deposits from fighter jet engines and machine gun ports, such as on the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger and its cannons. It quickly and aggressively destroys the carbon while at the same time remaining safe for use on exotic metals.  After hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, testing and product development, this formula has been certified by all the large aerospace manufacturers. Using its micro-emulsion (water & oil molecularly joined) Carbon Blasting technology to penetrate into even the smallest microscopic “contaminant grabbing” pores and crevices, it will quickly and easily accomplish the mission of cleaning your firearms. 

  • Designed to quickly dissolve heavy carbon deposits
  • Removes natural & synthetic oils and greases
  • Great for removing Cosmoline
  • Water-based and not corrosive
  • Works extremely fast in Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Safe on all metals
  • Environmentally and user friendly
  • Non-combustible
  • American made in ISO 9001 certified facilities

(Available in 2oz, 16oz, 1 gallon and larger sizes)



Before                                                                     After

Carbon, grease & oil compounds that must be removed to open up the pores of the metal, allowing the active molecules of Accuracy Oil™ and Accuracy Grease™ to fully bond into the metal.  Carbon Destroyer XX™ works great with Copper/Lead Destroyer™ if copper and/or lead are a problem.




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