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Welcome back to Range Sports Inc.'s online store. WE ARE BACK!! As you know, Canadian politics forced us to shut down the site, but we are now back up and running on a complete US-based infrastructure under the hood, including banking. We apologize for the delay, but it was a complex job to get everything set up with US providers, being a Canadian company selling firearms related products. We are very glad to have you back as online customers!!! Thank you for your patience and understanding.
WE ARE BACK!! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we transferred over to US providers in order to keep selling.

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We here at Range Sports Inc. recognize that there is a ‘vast world’ of information out there spread across the online world. As with everything in the current age, many of these sites and blogs contain various opinions, many of them contradictory. However, they are places that you can go to not just to check out what is new, but to also see the kinds of experiences that many shooters, from professional competitors to raw beginners…are having with an extreme variety of products and technology that is available. We cannot validate the information on these blogs and sites, all we can do is ‘amalgamate’ what we find to be the ‘best of the breed’ of these types of blogs and sites, so that you have a one-stop location you can come to at any time to locate and browse these pages and the information. Happy reading!!!


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