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We here at Range Sports Inc. (RSI) have a special place in our hearts for our Canadian and U.S. Veterans. Each of us who know how our often broken and dangerous world functions and understands clearly the debt of gratitude we owe each of those who have served in our North American armed forces in any combat theatre this past century.

The very freedoms and way of life we enjoy every day, which are taken for granted by so many from every corner of our society these past few years, sadly enough including our own governments, are owed to those patriots who put their lives, health and futures on the line to fight for our freedoms and prosperity.

This page is dedicated to the brave men, women and service animals of our North American armed forces as our small way of recognizing their bravery and personal contribution to what each of us enjoys every day: our freedoms, rights and quality of life. 

As such, we would like to profile all ‘Veteran owned’ business’ who work with RSI in any way, whether that be as suppliers to RSI of their products and services, or in any other capacity, including just recommending to our close-knit firearms community those outstanding individuals and organizations who are there to make available to you their expertise, products, services or support. We will make available from this page direct links to those same people and organizations so that you can locate them easily and hopefully find ways to work with them and support their efforts.


Profiled Veterans and their Organizations


Rob Furlong

We would like to Honour Rob for his service to the Canadian Armed Forces, and to our Nation. He is hands-down the most globally recognized sniper that our Canadian military has produced. Rob is a former sniper with the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, best known for holding the previous record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at 2,430 m (2,657 yd).[1] Furlong's shot, taken in the Shah-i-Kot Valley during Operation Anaconda in March 2002, exceeded the previous record set by his teammate Master-Corporal Arron Perry by 120 m (130 yd). Rob is also the founder and operator of Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy, North America’s finest training academy for serious marksmen, precision sports competitors, hunters, as well as current professional snipers looking to enhance their skills.



Maury Gratrix

We at Range Sports Inc. have gotten know Maury Gratrix well as one of the superb crew at RFMA.  Maury served as a Canadian armed forces sniper in Afghanistan as a member of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, and continues to deploy to the Middle East as a private Military Contractor. Maury is well versed in all aspects of firearm systems and training, and in addition to working with long range precision shooting students at the RFMA Academy, Maury trains professionals in military and police forces on a regular basis in all aspects of their firearms usage under hostile conditions. 
Maury is also a professional welder by trade, and produces some of the absolute coolest, best-designed steel targets we have seen in market.  Check them out at




Graham 'Rags' Ragsdale

Graham Ragsdale portrait

Graham Rags Ragsdale action picture

We at Range Sports Inc. have the pleasure of having gotten to know and been trained by Graham ‘Rags’ Ragsdale in his role as instructor at
Graham distinguished himself in the Canadian military, serving as a sniper in 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry, serving multiple deployments in Bosnia and in Afghanistan including Operation Anaconda. Graham also served with the 2nd Commando Canadian Airborne Regiment. 
Post his Canadian Armed Forces career, Graham spent an additional 66 months on the ground in Afghanistan and North Africa as a designated defensive marksman and private military contractor. 
Graham is currently part of the superb team at RFMA, passing along his deep knowledge and experience as an instructor to those interested in the science and craft of extreme long distance marksmanship.