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Recommended Services and Training

We at Range Sports Inc. would like to recommend to the shooting community those professionals and service providers that we have personal experience with, that we with 100% confidence can recommend to any of you in terms of the services or training that they provide. We are this confident…as we have significant personal experience using their services or training, and would simply like to recommend to you those who have always provided extreme levels of professionalism and great customer services to us and those we know.


Gunsmithing and Firearms Repair/Customization Services


Jakob Strasser
Tel: 1-403-771-5227

Many of us in the southern Alberta shooting community use the services of Master Gunsmith Jacob Strasser. Jacob is unique in that he is a German immigrant to Canada, and as such, has been trained in the science and art of gunsmithing to a degree that the vast majority of those offering gunsmithing services in Canada or the US have not. In Germany, and some other European countries, becoming a licensed Master gunsmith is a very long and arduous process, that not only requires formal education, but also many years of ‘apprenticing’ under the tutelage of long-time Master gunsmiths. Upon arriving in Canada, Jacob apprenticed and worked at a well-known B.C. firearms maker that specialized in very high-end African safari rifles and other elite firearms. Jakob currently works out of his own facility not too far from Calgary. He is available for traditional repairs and customization work, rifle building from the ground up, as well as custom made stocks. We have seen the custom-made stocks that Jakob has made for some of our friends in the serious shot gunning and rifle community, and they are nothing short of ‘stunning.’ Please contact Jakob directly if you are interested in his services.


Marksmanship Training and Extreme Long Range (ELR) Marksmanship


 Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy:

If you are a serious shooter or even a beginner…who doesn’t want to learn to shoot with more accuracy, at distances/ranges you previously thought were unattainable, and at the same time be a safer and more competent overall marksman…then look no further. We at Range Sports Inc. know Rob Furlong and his crew at Rob Furlong Marksmanship Academy ( very well, having taken many of Rob’s marksmanship training classes, and having had broad exposure to the academy’s teaching methods, theory, new technology insights, and the fantastic quality of instructors on the RFMA team. The RMFA training facility is also second to none in this country, hosting the “King of Two Mile” ELR competition for Canada, as well as possibly Canada’s best two-day PRS event. Without reservation, we highly recommend Rob, his Crew, and the RFMA academy. The knowledge, professionalism, and sense of brotherhood that are driven by Rob and his crew at RFMA set the highest bar in the country, if not North America. If you want to learn how to become a better marksman, look no further than