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About Us

We would like to honour Paul Reibin of Range Sports, who founded the original  company in 1975.  Paul has been a fixture in the Canadian precision shooting sports world for more than 50 years, and has made many selfless and unheralded contributions to the same.  Paul has graciously agreed to work with us to create a new version of Range Sports Inc., one that can move forward into the future, and continue to serve the shooting sports community with the same core values of honesty, community, and professionalism that Paul has always promoted. Paul will continue to be involved with us in this new generation of Range Sports Inc. as an associate, one who continue to provide service and advice to his friends and customers in the shooting community.  


If you expect that the new version of Range Sports Inc. (RSI) is just the ‘same old same old’-kind of online firearms accessories store, you will likely be disappointed.  We at Range Sports Inc. are focused on the serious shooter, whether that be in the precision shooting sports, including Precision Rifle Series (PRS), F-Class, Bench Rest, ELR and well as in the hunting and outdoorsman worlds. We hope to create around our site a true community of individuals and organizations who not only share our enthusiasm for the shooting sports and firearms in general, but also share similar core values and traditions. 


At RSI, we are constantly on the lookout for new and unique products that will be highly valued by the customer base we serve. We want to be the ‘focused little company’ that does the hard work to find and strike relationships with the creators of unique products and services that will serve our firearms community in ways that the ‘big guys’ cannot be bothered to deal with.  


We want to be the company that actually listens to its’ customers and community, and finds for them the products and services that they want...not the big box store that just stocks the shelves with the same old products. 


We please provide us with your honest feedback, positive or negative, as well as your wish lists for new product offerings. While we cannot possibly hope to make everyone a happy and satisfied customer, or supply you with every product you wish for all the time...that is certainly our goal.