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1 - 10x24mm Shorty FFP Scope with Shuriken Turrets - Illuminated

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Reticles: FMC-1

Tactical Model (Illuminated)

March-FX 1-10x42mm Shorty Riflescope with Shuriken lockable turrets
・10X Zoom in FFP, MIL
・Uniform thickness : 34mm diameter body tube
・24mm objective lens
・Focus from 10 yard to infinity
・Scope body fully machined from aluminum ingot
・All Japanese metal parts with no plastic part except for minimum essentials such as an insulator
・Argon gas filled for internal stability
・Fast focus eyepiece
・6 level illumination module
・Top quality multi lens coating where the transmittance is very near 100%
・Water repellent lens coating
・Shuriken lock elevation and windage turrets
The new turrets are Shuriken shaped lockable elevation and windage turrets. “Shuriken” is a star shaped throwing knife used by Ninja. Red is for locked state and white is for unlocked state. "X" in the model name stands for the Shuriken lock.

"True 1x and 10-fold zoom ratio scope"
This 1-10x24 Shorty scope can be used just like a dot-sight with both eyes open for point blank range
since it’s a true 1x scope. With its 10-fold zoom ratio, it can also be used for long range precision shooting.

This updated 1-10x24 riflescope, like all March scopes, is immensely strong to endure any severe condition. All March scopes are Argon-filled for internal stability and are fully weather-resistant and waterproof to at least 4 meters, and have passed impact tests of up to 1000G. The walls of the 34mm tubes are 4mm thick. Our 34mm body tube is simply just to make the scope extra strong. With its 4mm thick walls and the overall design, March-X and March-FX models are among the toughest riflescopes in the world. Updated 1-10×24 shorty FFP scope is categorized under the March-FX models. “X” in the classification name stands for 34mm body tube and “F” in the classification name stands for FFP (first focal plane).