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Welcome back to Range Sports Inc.'s online store. WE ARE BACK!! As you know, Canadian politics forced us to shut down the site, but we are now back up and running on a complete US-based infrastructure under the hood, including banking. We apologize for the delay, but it was a complex job to get everything set up with US providers, being a Canadian company selling firearms related products. We are very glad to have you back as online customers!!! Thank you for your patience and understanding.
WE ARE BACK!! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we transferred over to US providers in order to keep selling.

6 - 60 x 56mm FFP High Master Series GENESIS Extreme - Non Illuminated

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$8,262.00 - $8,262.00
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  • D60V56GFML- FML-3, FML-TR1 & FML-MT Reticle's   

 1 pc  FML-MT   Out for Demo to Curt at First Focal Plane Podcast.

See him at the ELR matches and ask to look though this amazing scope. The elevation is external so that you are always looking through the center of the glass for clarity at long range.                  

  • D60V56GFMA - FMA-MT Reticle   ( MOA )


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