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** Our apologies, this site is still under construction. This is version 1.0 and we will be adding to inventory and other sections as we go. Thank you for your patience. **
** Our apologies, this site is still under construction. This is version 1.0 and we will be adding to inventory and other sections as we go. Thank you for your patience. **

Crystal Clear™

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Crystal Clear™ Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING optics & glass CLEANER on the market

What it is

This is our hidden gem. If you are using SCOPES or BINOCULARS or are looking through eye-glasses or sunglasses, you GOTTA SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT.  So, we are providing you with the most “Phenomenal” OPTICS CLEANER ON THE MARKET.  It is powerful, but gentle and safe to use on everything from specialty lenses in your scopes, Smart Phones, fish-finders…, anything with glass or plastic screens that dirty up with fingerprints, dust and other contaminants.   (This formula is also excellent for cleaning the exterior of firearms and fishing rods & reels, counter-tops…).

What it does

Our proprietary lens cleaner & protectant will effectively remove smudges, spots, and fingerprints without the use of harsh chemicals. As it cleans, the formula lays down a nano thin layer of polymers onto the surface for protection.  Since the thin dense layer of particles are not of uniform shape and size, light waves that hit the particles, splinter, and refract away in scattered directions, resulting in slightly improved HD clarity.  This property also gives it anti-static and anti-fog characteristics.  Many people who have done side by side tests with other glass or lens cleaners will note that they can feel a difference – and really like what they see.

Crystal Clear™ ADVANTAGES

Phenomenal Optics Cleaner – “You GOTTA SEE WHAT YOU WANTA SHOOT”

    • Best optics cleaner available
    • Powerful, yet gentle
    • Multiple benefit properties

This is a powerful, yet gentle, micro thin NPL (Nano Polymer Layering) lens cleaning & protection technology.

    • Gentle, powerful, and effective cleaner
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Will not build up or discolor surfaces
    • HD refractory properties
    • UV sunlight resistant
    • Excellent Anti-fogging capabilities
    • Anti-oxidation & anti-static protection
    • No ammonia or petrochemicals
    • Perfect for smart phones, sunglasses, cameras… all surfaces
    • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

    Why you should have Crystal Clear™

    Shooters and fishermen may not think too much about cleaning the lenses they are looking through, but they should.  This fantastic formula doesn’t give you the same type of clarity that Spartan generals got from the Oracle of Delphi before they went into battle, however it does help give you a clearer view of your target.  Not all lens cleaners are alike, nor are they all safe for optics with specialty coatings.  Our formula has a long and successful history of use on high value optics, including cameras, night vision goggles, aircraft cockpits, missile optic domes, laboratory microscopes and of course, eye and sunglasses.  Although Crystal Clear is the most subtle of our unique products, it fits as a nice complement into our line, and is never short on getting compliments from users!  



    This is a pretty funny story regarding Crystal Clear.  We have three dogs.  We have a backyard.  We have a sliding glass door that looks into the backyard.  We have squirrels sometimes run through the backyard.  Our dogs see the squirrels, and in their frantic and useless attempt to get at the” laughing and taunting” squirrels, get their snotty dog noses all over the glass.  When the squirrels go away and the dogs calm down, I need to clean away the dog-snot (not fun)!

    For the fun of it, I tested Crystal Clear up against Windex and another top glass cleaner.  Let me just say the Crystal Clear was the far and away top product.  It quickly removed the dog-snot without smearing or taking forever spraying tons of product on the glass to clean up properly, like the others.  It quickly removed the mess, making the glass “crystal clear” to look through, and setting the stage until the next time the squirrels run through the yard (often shortly after cleaning it).

    I love and strongly recommend the formula and would additionally recommend getting the 16oz or gallon size because you may, like me, end up using it on more than your gun scopes and sunglasses.

    Jesse Smith - Salty Dog Tactical


    "My name is Joshua Baker, and I am a first-class petty officer in the United States Navy.  I have spent a majority of the last decade deployed overseas in support of the global war on terrorism as an operational member of the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams.  Thank you for making amazing products.  Your Carbon Destroyer, Spartan Accuracy Oil and Crystal Clear lens cleaner has not only surpassed any expectations, it's completely blown them away.  …Aside from the before mentioned products your lens cleaner totally rocked my world.  Having been to Afghanistan in the winter I can tell you firsthand that there's nothing more unnerving than having to stop while on patrol to clean the fog off your lenses.  This completely eliminated it even after I put my glasses in the freezer, so from a deploying member of the greatest fighting force on the planet THANK YOU."

    Josh Bakers - former military, worked TacSol


    SPARTAN Chemistry is the MOST ADVANCED “OPTIMIZING” Chemistry on the Planet!

    We “OPTIMIZE metal” and MAXIMIZE Performance of EVERY Firearm, Fishing Reel, Engine, Bladed Tools…

    Spartan’s SAFE, GREEN, American-made chemistry is DIFFERENT FROM and SIGNIFICANTLY OUTPERFORMS the competition.  “OPTIMIZATION” means that we make precision engineered “tools” more precise.  We do this with our SUPER-Cleaners combined with our PROPRIETARY anti-friction/low-stick technology (friction is reduced by an AMAZING 90%).  We provide both consumer and commercial/industrial products.

    The Spartan definition of “IMPROVEMENT” shows itself in terms of: ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, FEEL, PERFORMANCE, ASSET LIFE, LOWER-MAINTENANCE, CORROSON CONTROL, EASE AND SPEED OF CLEANING, FUEL EFFICIENCY (for cars…) and more FREE TIME to ENJOY using your guns, fishing reels, vehicles… while they perform at an optimal level.