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Borden Mountaineer RB RP

Original price $2,399.99 - Original price $2,399.99
Original price
$2,399.99 - $2,399.99
Current price $2,399.99

The Borden Mountaineer series of actions were designed and developed for use in single shot and  detachable magazine applications.  The use of detachable magazines does not require the open style port that we use on our Alpine, Ridgeline and Timberline series of actions so we opted to have the actions be full round.  The use of the benchrest style port and no lightening cuts on the side of the receiver results in a stiffer receiver.  It is available in short, medium or long action and is available as repeater or single shot.  The action is same footprint as Alpine, Ridgeline and Timberline but do not have the lightening facets on side of action.  The short Mountaineer is also available with the mag well opening for AW magazines.  The Mountaineer series also has Borden bump option and is referred to as Mountaineer RR.  We are now taking orders for the Mountaineer Action model with integrated Recoil Lug. 


** This product comes with a black nitrite finish **

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