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Short Action Customs - Neck Sizing Bushings

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Size: .245

Universal outside dimensions of .500″ diameter by .375″ height, these bushings can be used in MOST resizing dies.

Our neck resizing bushings have minimized neck runout in cartridge brass in nearly every die we have used them in. After attempting to eliminate and reduce neck runout in our sized brass using various commercially available neck bushings, we realized that every neck bushing has the same flaw, a straight, undersized hole when compared to the brass.

Think about trying to push a thin walled straight tube into an undersized straight hole, how can we expect our brass necks to magically be free of runout. Our new bushings address the inherent flaws with this system with all new internal bushing geometry designed to reduce neck runout while increasing loaded cartridge concentricity in the chamber.

Made from 17-4 H900 stainless steel, then processed with the same heat treat as our Precision Resizing Dies. Our neck bushings have an incredibly smooth inside finish paired with an extremely slick external finish from heat treat.